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Key Findings From the Second Annual 1099 Index

Independent Professionals Are Very Satisfied With Their Career Choice

  • Seven in 10 IPs are "very satisfied" with their current work situation.

  • More than eight in 10 IPs say they prefer to work independently, citing the freedom and flexibility of controlling their career.

  • Job satisfaction ratings are consistent among IPs across all job categories and industries -- from small business owners and consultants, to plumbers and graphic artists.

  • IPs are twice as likely as traditional W-2 workers to earn annual salaries of more than $75,000 and 95 percent are confident that their current jobs skills will enable them to earn a living over the next five years.

Independent Professionals Are Working Harder but Still Maintain a Balance

  • On average, IPs work five more hours per week than they did last year -- averaging about 45 hours per week.

  • IPs spend 1.5 more hours per week on self-marketing and promotion this year than they did last year -- a total average of about eight hours per week.

  • Despite the longer hours, nearly three out of four IPs are "more satisfied" with their work/life balance compared to when they were traditional W-2 workers.

  • More than eight out of 10 female IPs said a flexible work schedule and having the right balance between their work and personal life are key factors in their job satisfaction. More than seven out of 10 men said these issues are important.

Independent Professionals Rate Finding Work and Financial Security as Top Challenges

  • About 17 percent of IPs said lack of financial security is a chief concern.

  • Eleven percent of IPs said that finding work is a challenge.

The Internet Is Not Yet Popular Among IPs for Finding Work

  • Only 18 percent of IPs use the Internet to search for work and fewer than one in 10 have successfully found work online.

  • Only four percent of IPs get work from their own personal Web site and just two percent said they have successfully used job boards to find work.

  • Seven out of 10 IPs say they find work "the old-fashioned way" -- through referrals and word of mouth.

IPs More Likely to Vote for George W. Bush in the 2000 Election

  • About 43 percent of IPs said they planned to vote for Bush, 29 percent for Al Gore, and 28 percent were undecided. Male IPs preferred Bush more than female IPs. About 48 percent of males as opposed to 37 percent of females said they would vote for Bush.


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