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Who Is Today's Independent Professional?

According to the 1099 Index, today's IPs are:

  • Contractors or freelancers (9.1 percent), including consultants, graphic artists, engineers, marketers, nurses

  • Self-employed professionals (9.7 percent), including small-business owners, accountants, dentists, hairdressers, lawyers, truck drivers

  • On-call workers (1.4 percent), including teachers, childcare workers, housekeepers

  • Temporary workers (1.4 percent), including secretaries, receptionists, and finance professionals

Demographically, IPs are very similar to traditional W-2 workers. For example, they share similar education levels and marital status. However, IPs tend to have higher incomes and are slightly older than their traditional W-2 counterparts.

  • IPs are twice as likely as traditional W-2 workers to have personal incomes of more than $75,000 a year.

  • Nearly 74 percent of IPs are over the age of 35.
Job Satisfaction

IPs report greater satisfaction with their job arrangements, earning more money and working fewer hours.

  • Only one in five IPs (20 percent) say they would abandon their independent career for a job that offered more money.

  • 69 percent of IPs say they are "very satisfied" with their work situation.

  • More than four in five IPs (84 percent) choose to work independently.

  • Six in 10 IPs say flexibility and freedom are extremely important in their job satisfaction.

  • 77 percent of IPs say they are "advantaged" because they can make their own hours, spend more time with their families, and earn more money.
Political Views

IPs lean more towards the Republican and Independent Parties than do traditional W-2 workers. IPs favor marketplace solutions and self-reliance over government intervention.

  • More than one-third of IPs say that the government should stay out of people's lives.

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