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Making Up Is Hard to Do
Making up with an angry client is tough; Peter Economy can make it easier.

When disaster strikes... strike back. Peter Economy provides some striking sticks.

The Occasional Free Lunch
Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

When Hackers Attack
Think hacking's just for cold and flu season? Think again.

Saying No to the Net
The Internet -- useful tool or digital smack?

Home-Office Hell
Does the Highway to Hell run through your home office? Check this out.

Freelancing in Three Acts
Role-playing isn't just for pimply teenagers any more.

Read My Lips (When Clients Make Silent Requests)
If your client makes a silent request, don't just mindlessly obey -- you're an IP, not a dog.

In Defense of Workaholism
Workaholism: The dirty little secret to freelance success.

Hasta Mañana
Procrastinating again? Learn a few tricks for staying on task.

Contracts: The Prophylactics of the Business World
Forget your dog: written agreements are an IP's best friend.

Stranger in a Strange Land
Some wage slaves hate on-site IPs. Learn how to be diplomatic with those jerks.

Honey, Jerry Rubin's on the Phone!
Jerry Rubin was a Yippie, a Yuppie... and a Yenta. Peter Economy tells all.

Presentation Matters
Clients aren't dummies -- but they can be suckers for a pretty graphic.

Let's Get Ethical
Are you an ethical IP? Who cares? Oh, just your clients. Do the right thing when you're Doing Work -- or suffer the consequences.

I Hate to Tell You But...
No one likes to give their clients bad news, but sometimes you've got no choice. Peter Economy shows you the best ways to be a good messenger of bad tidings, and to ensure that you don't get shot in the process.

No Problemo
Problem solving: it's not just for math class anymore.

A Cult of Heroes
Word on the street is that you've been talking up your clients. Good work, IP.

Fishing for Referrals
Peter Economy knows five secrets to getting client referrals. Wanna hear 'em?

Get Out of Your Office!
Don't just sit there: go visit your attention-starved clients. It's sure to pay off in the future.

Listen Up!
Want a cheap, easy way to improve your client-relations skills? Listen up!

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